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From couch potato to ultra adventurer

Paul Suggitt is an Ultra Adventurer from Hartlepool, who has just finished walking, running and riding a bike for 10,000 miles around mainland Britain, the equivalent of more than a marathon distance a day, EVERY day for a year.

Paul’s ultimate aim was to help inspire people to get fit and raise awareness and funds for The Chris Lucas Trust, a charitable trust that does amazing things to help fight Rhabdomyosarcoma, a very aggressive form of childhood and young teenage cancer.

Walk tall!
Walking your dog 1 mile a day will help you increase your fitness and cover 365 miles in a year. Thats a result!
Run like the wind!
Get your running shoes on and get that hearbeat pumping. Running is a great way to increase your cardio and burn fat.
On your bike!
Cycling is a great way to get outside and explore your surroundings, be it in a town or the countryside
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10,000 miles in 336 days saw Paul walk, run and ride his way around mainland Britain, battling bad weather and pushing through injury to help raise awareness and vital funds for The Chris Lucas Trust , a childrens and teenage cancer trust, and what an adventure it was.

The going was tough and at times Paul questioned his sanity and what he was doing, especially during the early hours of the morning, but his driving force and motto of “Remember why you started.. DON’T GIVE UP!” kept him motivated throughout.

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Hundreds of well-wishers welcomed Paul back to his home town of Hartlepool on Saturday the 2nd December, Including the Mayor and Mayoress of Hartlepool, after 336 days of adventure.

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Battling the elements and pushing through injury, Paul continued his walk, run, ride challenge for just over 11 months until he finally crossed his 10,000 mile finish line.

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Supporting the Chris Lucas Trust for many years, in 2017 Paul wanted to raise awareness and vital funds for research into aggressive childrens and teenage cancer through his challenge.


Paul's 2018 initiative is to help people get outside and explore their world.

Throughout 2018 Paul is visiting many places around the UK to roll out his initiative of helping people get outside and explore their world.

These micro adventures are designed to help people find those unexplored places around them through walking, running and riding with Paul, and help get fit in the process.


2018, the year of the micro adventure

Microadventure – an outdoor adventure that is “small and achievable for everyone”.
A microadventure allows you to choose the location, duration, and overall scope of the adventure. Microadventures generally don’t need a lot of specialised equipment, and only a minimal amount of provisions are needed for the outing.

Microadventures are perfect for those who lead busy lives but long for some adventure.

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Follow Paul’s adventures in 2018 and become part of them yourself.


Lyke Wake Walk

On Saturday the 16th June 2018, Paul is taking on the Lyke Wake Walk, West to East, from Osmotherley to Ravenscar.


For 2018 Paul is focussing on the concept of the micro adventure and helping people #getoutside and get fit.


Paul is a proud ambassador of the following brands


Paul's sponsors play an important part in his adventures.